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Same differences or different similarities?

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I had a short yet interesting conversation with one of my Facebook friends last week. She is more than just a “Facebook” friend. I know she is an actual living breathing human. Anyhow…

The conversation was about the difference between our respective churches and they style of worship each uses. She is an Orthodox Presbyterian and I am a AOG Pentecostal. Opposite sides of the spectrum to be sure. What I took away from the short talk really had nothing to do with P&W choruses or doctrinally based denominationally-sanctioned hymns. Far from it.

I once again realized how different and how diverse we are in the Body of Christ. We all have our preferences in music, formal or casual dress, lighting, delivery, decor, and on and on and on. We often divide and splinter over these trivial subjects. These things in the end really don’t matter as much as we think they do.

I am not going so far as to say our strength is in our diversity. (I will leave that to former President Clinton.) But I think if we look a little deeper than our differences, we will find we are much more similar than we think. After all, we are in the same Family.

Early Church Father Constantine is often credited with the quote, “In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity.” Whether he actually said it or not, someone came up with a winner. Love conquers all. Even our differences.


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  • http://www.anglerwise.com/ Ultralight Fishing Guy

    Hi jnoahrod,

    Getting into discussions like that with different denominations is deadly. I’ve made the conclusion that everyone has their preferences. No one is right or wrong, just different.

    In front of God, we will answer only for ourselves and no one else.

    William @ AnglerWise

    • jnoahrod

      Fishing Guy,

      I am hoping you haven’t really found those kind of discussions “deadly”. :-) Very true: Every man will give account of HIMSELF to God. Thanks for reading!

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