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Failure in not an option!!

That is not a cliche. It is quickly becoming my life motto. Well, maybe it will. It is a tossup between that and: “I am the gatekeeper of my own destiny, and I will have my glory day in the hot sun!” That’s all. Back to work. JR

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September 11th, 2000now

No, doubt every blogger with even a drop of patriotic blood flowing through their veins will unleash upon the inner tubes their “unique” take on 9/11: Honor the troops. Don’t build the mosque. Build the mosque! Burn the Koran. Don’t burn the Koran. We will never forget. Remember 9/11. Todd Beamer was a hero. FDNY […]

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I will write Part 2

To… InspireEncourageMake you think Cause you to reflectHelp you remember Make you realize who you areHelp you realize who you aren’t Point UpwardBore inwardShine outward These are the reasons I write. JR

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